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American Maid Too is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We will take excellent care of your home and clean it as we would our own. Allow us to do the house cleaning for you, so you can spend quality time enjoying your family and friends or pursuing your favorite past-time activities, instead of mopping and dusting.

Frequently asked questions:

How will our relationship work?

Since we know we must earn your continued patronage on each visit, we don't use contracts. We depend on open communications. If you are happy, please refer a friend. Also let us know of any way we may better serve you.

What are our rates?

Our pricing is completely individualized. Our experience has helped us learn that every home is as unique, as the people living there. We base our pricing on many factors, including the presence of pet hair, personal items, household size and even your lifestyle.

Do I need to provide any supplies or equipment?

For your convenience, equipment and environmentally safe products are supplied.

Do you clean homes just once, or do you have to clean long-term?

While most of our customers prefer cleaning on a regularly scheduled day, we also clean homes more or less frequently.

Do I have to do anything before the cleaning?

We ask you to take a few minutes the night before the maids arrive to pick up extraneous clothing, toys and other household items, in order to give you the greatest value.

What if something is damaged when my home is cleaned?

We treat your home with greatest care, however, should damage or breakage occur while we are cleaning your home, we would make every effort to have the item repaired or replaced. If it cannot be repaired, insurance claims will be filed when appropriate.

Are the housekeepers insured and bonded?

Yes, also our staff members are high school graduates, with a completed background profile on file.

What are my payment options?

Please leave check or cash in envelope provided on countertop for our arrival.

Do I have to give American Maid Too, my house/office keys?

Many of our customers work during the day and enjoy coming home to a clean house after a long day. Most of our customers supply us with a key to their home or a code to enter through a garage. Your key is kept safely in our secure office, when not being used. Some of customers have an alternative method that they are comfortable with.

Do you have the same housekeeper each cleaning?

We understand the importance of continuity in cleaners and we will prioritize keeping the same cleaner assigned to your home. However, if your maid should be ill or on vacation, we will assign another trained and competent cleaner to you. Owner supervised teams.

Specials for new clients - 20% first cleaning. Please call for a free estimate and mention our website today!

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